Bridge 194 MSL Replacement

Location: Otago, New Zealand

Time:  Oct 2023 – Mar 2024

Scope of Work: Taurus was responsible for the supply of specific stainless and steel material essential:

1. Stainless steel:

  • Bearing keepers
  • Dowl cover plates
  • Cover plates

2.  Carbon Steel:

  • Impact protection
  • Handrail support system
  • Wall wailer
  • Service ducting


On 8 July 2021, Transport Minister Michael Wood released the first Rail Network Investment Programme (RNIP), which details the $1.3 billion investment to maintain and improve rail lines across the country over the next three years. This includes full replacement of Bridge 194 MSL (south of Palmerston).

Our role in this project involved supplying components to the main contractor, HEB Construction, such as the attachment of clash plates to the bridge, the provision of new bridge whalers, and the installation of walkways, pipe supports, and handrails spanning the full length of the bridge. Additionally, we managed variation work involving underhanging supports and handrails, showcasing our team’s adaptability and commitment to excellence.

The project faced a technical challenge in weld sequencing, which was essential to prevent warping of the steel components. Despite these, our team managed to complete weld inspections and necessary adjustments efficiently.

The material supply for Bridge 194 was successfully completed within the planned timeframe. Our effective collaboration with HEB Construction and the precision of our supplied materials contributed to the upgrade of the bridge, ensuring its operational reliability for the future.

We appreciate the opportunity to have supported this vital infrastructure project and look forward to future collaborations that contribute to the enhancement of New Zealand’s rail network.



Photo Credit: KiwiRail