Crossing Over the New Beaumont Bridge

Location: South Island, New Zealand 
Schedule: Sep 2022 – July 2023
Client: NZ Transport Agency

Constructed in 1887, the existing single-lane bridge over the Clutha River – Mata-Au on SH8, serving Dunedin, Central Otago, and Queenstown, was no longer sufficient for the heightened traffic and the demands of heavier lorries we see today. To accommodate the current and projected traffic growth, including the traversal of heavier trucks, and to adhere to modern earthquake standards, a contemporary two-lane bridge began in the works. The historic bridge has retained its place even after the inauguration of the new one, providing a connection to the popular Clutha Gold walking and cycling trail.

Taurus, contributing through HEB Construction, has supplied Shear Keys, Service Duct Hangers, Pedestrian Balustrade, and Barriers Cover Plates for the project.

The new bridge was ceremoniously unveiled on 30th July 2023. A large contingent of local residents participated in the event, crossing the new bridge collectively in celebration of its inauguration.

Taurus is deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to make such a significant contribution to the community.


*Photo credit: NZ Transport Agency & HEB Construction

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