Sydenham Pump Station Suction Tank Project

Location: Christchurch, New ZealandĀ 
Schedule: July 2023 – September 2023
Partner: Seipp Construction


Project Background

As part of the Council’s infrastructure improvements, the old Sydenham suction tank was replaced. Taurus was tasked with providing the pipework connecting the new tank to four existing well heads and a pump station. Additional structural installations such as a surrounding stairway and pipe supports were also part of the project.

Scope of Work

  • Overflow & Stormwater
  • DI/SS Pipework
  • Structural Work (external tank stairs, step-over platform)

Challenges and Solutions

A sudden change in material and specifications was effectively managed by Taurus, who chose to use stainless steel pipes, allowing for a quick turnaround and minimal impact on the project timeline.

Taurus introduced a socketed pipe system for the underground sections, a first for all involved. Close communication with the supplier and the Council led to an alternative locking mechanism, negating the need for thrust blocks.

Some existing infrastructure was not aligned either parallel or perpendicular, which is fairly standard. This was effectively handled through on-site pipe fabrication, facilitated by our Hamilton crane, which enabled the easy manoeuvring of larger pipe sections.

Designing and installing the stairway was challenging due to its complex geometry and location. Through effective communication between our project office and the fabrication floor, the stairway was successfully installed.


All components were fabricated and installed successfully. The experience has enriched Taurus’ project office and site team, equipping us with valuable skills for future projects.