Taranaki Street Pumpstation

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Time: July 2022 – March 2024
Partner: Brian Perry Civil


Back Ground

This project, situated in central Wellington, was undertaken to address urgent challenges within the city’s wastewater system. Its main goals included seamlessly integrating a new pump station into the existing wastewater network, optimizing flow redirection, and preparing for a future connection to the Taranaki Street Rising Main. The driving force behind this initiative was to overcome the limitations of the current wastewater system, expand its capacity, accommodate future growth, and enhance the robustness of vital wastewater infrastructure.

The intricacies of the project were notable, with the pump station boasting a 10.88m external diameter and 8.66m internal diameter, situated approximately 8.5m below ground level.


Scope of Work

Our scope of work was comprehensive and included:

  • Installation of inlet pipes into the wet well.
  • Dry well-side, encompassing the installation of all suction and discharge pipe work.
  • Creation of a mezzanine platform.
  • Implementation of internal and external HVAC systems for heating, ventilation, and control.
  • Installation of a lift beam.

Challenges and Solutions

Several challenges emerged during the project, and innovative solutions were required to overcome them.

  1. First, adverse weather conditions presented a hurdle, particularly on rainy days when water inundation into the pump station was a concern.
  2. Additionally, heavy rainwater filled the HVAC system, causing damage to both inlet and outlet fans. Manoeuvring within a tight urban space, and the need for early morning deliveries to minimize disruption in the city centre, presented logistical challenges.
  3. Furthermore, managing a project in Wellington while our staff was based in Christchurch required streamlined communication, and efficient issue resolution, as well as timely deliveries from Christchurch to Wellington.


The project achieved its objectives successfully and within the stipulated timeframe and budget. Client satisfaction was paramount, with our work meeting high standards and quality expectations. Effective communication and collaboration with BPC played a pivotal role in swiftly resolving potential issues. This project not only addressed critical wastewater network challenges but also showcased our ability to execute complex projects in confined urban settings with efficiency and professionalism.

By maintaining a pragmatic and straightforward approach throughout the project, we delivered results that met the client’s needs and upheld our commitment to excellence in engineering solutions.


*Photo credit: Brian Perry Civil andĀ Wellington Water.