Our team

Scott Sherwin

Service Manager

Scott Sherwin is in charge of the Taurus Service Department as well as the manufacturing and sales of the company’s Roll-Ton Pedestrian Rollers. The Service Department is responsible for everything from general maintenance, servicing, and installations to major industrial shutdowns and the petrochemical industries.

Following the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes and the loss of his sales job, he decided to use his prior welding and fabrication experience to get back into the industry. He has had 15 years of industry experience.

With a young family and at the age of 34, he enrolled in the local polytechnic and then took on an apprenticeship as a boiler maker through Taurus’ sister company, Taylors Manufacturing. He transferred to Taurus Engineering in 2015 to learn about the structural side of the engineering industry.

From there, he became site team leader, and oversaw two major projects over a five-year period: the Christchurch Convention Centre and the New Christchurch Hospital.

Scott then became office based, and learnt how to project manage along with all the other aspects of working in an office.