Tailored Stainless Solutions

The Stainless division was previously known as Taymac Stainless, specialises in bespoke industrial stainless-steel equipment to food-grade standards.


Our Stainless Division brings together the expertise of Taymac Stainless and the resources of Taurus Engineering, resulting in a dedicated team of skilled metal fabricators with a strong reputation in the industry. 

To ensure the highest level of quality and cleanliness, stainless division maintains a separation between carbon steel and stainless workshops to ensure quality stainless product free from contamination. 

Architectural Metal

Taurus Stainless fabricates custom-made products, to the highest quality. They are also made with durability in mind.

Industrial Stainless Steel

Taurus Stainless fabricates industrial products ranging from storage tanks, pressure vessels, certified pipes, and aluminum lids and grates.


Taurus fabricates high-quality durable, custom-made hospitality products.

Dust And Fume

Taurus Engineering fabricates components for air-purification systems designed by the company groups Vortex and Fowlerex.