Taurus manufactures a range of reverse jet pulse baghouses


From small silo top units to large multiple compartment units, Taurus manufactures a range of reverse jet pulse baghouses that can be used in almost every industry and for nearly all uses. Baghouses are designed by Vortex Engineering. 

These tubular bag -fabric dust collectors can achieve a collection efficiency of more than 99% for very fine particulates. The tubular bag reverse pulse dust collector is versatile and economical, with low maintenance requirements. These dust collectors are the industry standard and can be used in nearly all dust collector applications. 

The tubular reverse pulse baghouses employ round filter elements that are continuously cleaned using the reverse jet-air principle. Simple in design with no moving parts they require very little maintenance. 

Dust-laden air enters the bag-filter dirty-air inlet at the lower portion of the filter, passes through the filtration bags, and exits through the top of the baghouse.  

Dust removal from the filter bags is achieved by the introduction of a short burst of compressed jet to a row of filter bags. The compressed air is accelerated by a Venturi nozzle mounted at the top of the bag, which induces a secondary airflow.  

This acts as a rapidly moving air bubble, travelling through the entire length of the bag and causing the bag surfaces to flex. By cleaning one row of bags at a time this cleaning system can operate with airflow still going through the other bags to the exhaust fan (This is on-line cleaning). 

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