High-Efficiency Wet Scrubbers for Cleaner Air

Taurus Stainless manufactures a range of scrubbers designed by Vortex and Fowlerex. The range includes Venturi, Packed bed, and Spray-tower type scrubbers.

It is important to select a scrubber that is suitable for a particular job.

Venturi scrubbers: are used extensively where sub-micron dust particles or extremely high collection efficiencies are involved. The vertical gas inlet design allows for water distribution without the use of spray nozzles. Without spray nozzles, up to 10% by weight solids concentration can be suspended in the recirculation slurry without plugging or abrasion problems. 

Spray-tower scrubbers are low energy scrubbers. Contacting power is much lower than in Venturi scrubbers and the pressure drop across such systems is generally less. The collection efficiency for small particles is correspondingly lower than that of more energy-intensive devices. They are suitable for the collection of coarse particles larger than 10 to 25 µm in diameter, although with increased liquid inlet nozzle pressures, particles with diameters of 2.0 µm can be collected. 

Packed-bed scrubbers are designed to remove corrosive fumes and noxious gases from industrial and chemical processes and air ventilation systems. They protect both plant facilities and the health of personnel. For efficient absorption of these fumes and gases by a scrubbing liquid, a large surface -contact area is needed. Packed-bed scrubbers offer this broad surface. 

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