Pressure Vessel for the chemical industry

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Year: March 2023


In early 2023, Taurus Engineering partnered with a company in Queensland, Australia, to deliver a pressure vessel for air purification in the chemical industry in Melbourne.


Build for demanding applications

The pressure vessel was built to the main specification of AS1210 Class 3 Pressure Vessel, with additional examination and pressure testing required to be done to Spec (4037-1999_R2016). All welding was done to ASME IX specs.

Constructed using grade 304 stainless steel with thicknesses between 5mm and 20mm, the vessel was made of plate, pipe, fasteners, rod, and machined flanges. These materials were chosen for their strength, malleability, and resistance to corrosive environments and applications.


Designed for corrosion challenges

The vessel was designed for a specific application in the chemical industry. However, due to its use, there were potential corrosive challenges that needed to be considered during the construction process.

Welding the pressure vessel presented multiple challenges, including Die Pen testing and 100% visual examination, as the vessel needed to meet the hazardous Class 3 specifications. Quality assurance checks needed to be thorough, and all material certificates were checked upon arrival. Multiple parties were involved in the welding process to ensure that no preparation was missed and that all quality assurance documents showed compliance with the AS1210 Class 3 specs.

The vessel had a capacity of 3.6 m3 and a maximum operating pressure of 0.58 bar. Its technical details made it unique and of particular interest to the chemical industry. The successful delivery of this pressure vessel demonstrated our expertise in meeting the specific needs of clients in the chemical industry and our commitment to meeting the highest quality standards.