Pump station PS205 Upgrade

Location: Christchurch, NZ

Schedule: 2021 – 2023


Project Background

This pump station, commissioned in 1979, is Christchurch’s largest stormwater pump station,
consisting of three Archimedes Screw-pumps with a total pumping capacity of 13 m3/s. The station
serves a crucial role in preventing flooding of roads and properties surrounding Horseshoe Lake by
effectively pumping stormwater from the lake and discharging it into the Ōtākaro Avon River.
After 40 years of service, the station required an upgrade to restore discharge height lost in the
Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 – 2011, improve equipment reliability, and enhance safety for
operators and maintenance staff.


Project Overview

The sustainability of this project is notable for the decision to refurbish the existing Archimedes
screws locally instead of purchasing replacement screws from The Netherlands or remanufacturing
new screws in New Zealand. Head Contractor Seipp Construction engaged Taurus Engineering to
conduct the screw refurbishment, including removal, condition assessment/reporting, repairs,
modification, grit blast/repaint, and reinstallation/alignment of the screws back in position at the
Taurus Engineering was also responsible for all other structural metalwork and mechanical fitting
tasks associated with the upgrade, such as fuel pipework, heat exchangers, exhaust
pipework/discharge stack, lifting gantries, tank support frames, platforms, handrails, rotating
equipment guarding, debris screens, and the removal and reinstallation of the screw drive trains.


Christchurch Pump Station 205